Popular Bank

Working on behalf of the social and economic well-being of our communities has been one of Popular’s core values since its founding almost 130 years ago.

by Meagan Henderson. Posted March 18, 2022

The engagement of Popular employees is vital. Close to 75% of employees contribute voluntarily to Fundación Banco Popular in Puerto Rico and Popular Foundation in the United States through regular payroll deductions. Popular matches $1.50 for every $1.00 contributed by employees, and the total amount, which exceeds $2 million, is destined to the organizations supported by the foundations. In addition to their financial contribution, Popular’s employees—often accompanied by family and friends—offer their time, resources and energy to volunteerism activities.

In 2021, Popular embarked on a reforestation project in Puerto Rico, with employee volunteers, committing to plant 40,000 trees in two years.