About Us

We are the voice of Mid-Size Banks in America.

The Mid-Size Bank Coalition of America (MBCA) was formed in 2011. From its original 16 members, the MBCA has grown to represent more than 100 banks that are devoted to driving positive change and helping their clients, colleagues and communities flourish.


Our Purpose

On behalf of its member banks, the MBCA pursues a clear and focused vision that is organized around three objectives:

The MBCA Advocates for mid-size banks:

We educate and engage policy makers on important policy issues that help mid-size banks to be able to lend, spur job creation, enrich workplaces, serve markets, strengthen the economy and help clients, colleagues and communities flourish.

The MBCA serves as a Resource to mid-size banks:

We provide opportunities for leaders at mid-size banks across the country to connect, learn and share best practices. Our members have complimentary access to in-person and virtual networking events and programming, online webinars, best-in-class benchmarking and research and forward-thinking content, providing them with the knowledge they need to achieve their organization’s goals.

The MBCA Champions
mid-size banks:

We amplify the significant contributions mid-size banks make to support a vibrant National economy and help to improve the quality of life in their communities.

About Mid-Size Banks

Coalition banks are an integral component of our Nation’s economy. Mid-Size Banks typically start as “hometown” banks in a single town and remain focused on delivering highly personal service and complete financial solutions to entrepreneurs, professionals, families and their businesses and to the surrounding region as the bank grows.
Coalition banks meet the changing and expanding needs of their clients with a full range of financial products, talented colleagues, cutting-edge technology and tailored solutions.
Because of their unique size, mid-size banks are able to leverage their resources and deliver results in a personal and professional manner. They are Hometown Banks with Big Bank Capabilities.

Our Role

We Empower

We empower our member banks to participate more effectively in the national legislative and regulatory dialogue and to engage specifically and meaningfully on those issues that materially impact mid-size banks’ ability to serve their customers and contribute fairly and fully to the U.S. economy.

We Encourage

We encourage greater clarity around and appreciation for the distinctive business model, culture, and contributions of mid-size banks to the U.S. economy and the importance of sustaining a healthy, robust, competitive mid-size banking sector.

We Educate

We educate the public on the vital role mid-size banks play in helping their clients, colleagues and communities flourish. Their success is our success.